“Why is it drug addicts and computer aficionados are both called users?”

Hemp’s Tutorials started out as way for me to make use of a spare Raspberry Pi i had laying around, but also as an aide to teaching myself Linux, making this a learning experience for everyone.

“Its amazing what you can create with a Raspberry Pi and a little bit of Google-fu.”

Hemp’s Tutorials is basically just tutorials, tools and code that i find interesting online in one central location that I can grab anywhere.

I’ve been into computers since the early eighty’s, when my Dad brought home a shiny new commodore plus/4  with its tape drive and basic loaded into the rom. which has lead me on a path all my life working with computers.

I currently work as an IT consultant but my passion is Security, (Offensive and Defensive). i like to know how to do it and how to defend against it.

Might actually stick a quick Disclaimer here and say “This blog is my views and my views only and are no way the views of my employer past or present”.

If anyone is reading this and wants to let me know what you think, you can email me at [email protected] or Social Media