Top 10 Security YouTube Channels

My, Top 10 list of security YouTube Channels is not based on subscribers, or the amount of content they produce but my own personal views. Based mainly on how relevant I have found their content; coupled with, the direction they have been taking there channel.

When I was doing the research for this list, I found all of the top links in Google stated, lots of vender specific channels like McAfee, Sophos or Kaspersky at the top of these lists. I have found personally that none of these “vender security YouTube channels” are anything more then them trying to sell there latest Nextgen, AI integrated, subscription-based technology. showcasing, you how young and talented there staff is ….. and “breath out” ok rant over.

We are lucky, that we are now living in a time where great up to date security-related content is so freely available on Youtube and many other platforms. We should applaud anyone who is giving up their time to make this content for us.

Once you have checked through my list, please take the time to leave me a comment of your top Security youtube Channels.

10.Cyber Mentor

The cyber mentor is one of the newest channels on my list. I am not always a fan of his big two-hour live streams; However, he does seem to know his stuff and is producing some really great content. I believe hacking live streams are what all the cool Youtubers are doing these days. The constant ads that he places throughout his videos can be a right pain to skip but if that’s how his funding his channel, I don’t really mind. He has some really good lessons from “where to start” to a full “web app pentesting corse”.

Top Picks:

9.John Hammond

John Hammond is another one of these New-age YouTubers; that also does hacking live streams on twitch, then publishes them to his YouTube channel and puts about a million ads on them. He creates some really great content, often running through CTFs or informative how to’s. Generally, his streams include his two mates that bring there own expertise to his videos, but as stated above” I am not a big fan of the hacking live stream” and was a real; toss-up, wherein this list John and the cyber mentor ranked.

Top Picks:

8. Null Byte

Null byte drops about 5-6 new videos every month and the accompanying website is also a good resource of information. However, YouTube has recently changed their policy to ban Instructional hacking and Phishing videos and Null Byte have had quite a lot of there videos removed. The Presenter Kody K (Null Byte) does a lot of how-to guides for hacking tools and is always doing something with a Raspberry Pi. If I’m searching on how to use a certain tool, I will always click a Null byte video first. Kody’s videos are always to the point, but I do worry though that his eyes are always trying to look into my soul.

Top Picks:

7. Black Hat

Black Hat is where all presentations from the Black Hat security conference from around the world are released, even though it can take up to 6 months for the videos from the latest conference to actually hit the youtube channel. All the latest hacks explained into meticulous detail. This is the cutting edge of research into Black Hat activities.

Top Picks:

6. Adrian Crenshaw

The Iron Geek himself, Adrian Crenshaw is one of the first Websites I come across when I was starting out.. he now mainly does the recording of Security conferences that are not Black Hat or Defcon and then posts them to his youtube channel he also hosts a weekly podcast

Top Picks:

5. DefconConfrence

DefconConference is where all the videos are released from the Defcon conference. Just like the Black Hat conference, it takes about 6 months for all the latest talks to reach YouTube. Defcon is more security-related then the Blackhat conference. I personally find the Defcon talks more interesting as they talk as much about defending from attacks as the attacks themselves. Some of the worlds best Hacking Rock-Stars have spoken at this conference.

Top Picks:


Ippsec is a pentester and the king of Hack the Box walkthroughs. He can explain his mindset while he runs you through; How he was able to gain root on a particular box. Giving you an insight on what it’s like to be a penetration tester and that hacking is not always as complicated as you may think.

Top Picks:

3. Hak5

Hak5 is one of the longest-running security YouTube channels. Actually, Hak5 is one of the first channels I found when I was starting out. Darren Kitchen and his stunning co-host Shannon Moorse; were there for me when I needed to get my hacking fix. There, informative videos always kept on the right side of YouTubes hacking polices. They run multiple channels like Hak tip for beginners and Metasploit Minute for more experienced users, they even have a security news channel called ThreatWire. Unfortunately, they have gone on a bit of a tangent recently and only seem to run ThreatWire or Information about there next new security tool.

Top Picks:

2. Security Weekly

Security weekly Is a security-related podcast that covers or has covered every security topic you can think of. love the fact they are a bunch of lads that enjoy a beer, a fat cigar and talk about security. some there best videos are their hacking tradecraft ones by Beau Bullock. The sheer amount of content they create weekly is phenomenal. like the fact that they have created their own revenue streams outside of youtube to help fund all this great content being created. also, something that I am very interested in is they have just started doing a weekly compliance podcast for all your PCI DSS needs.

Top Picks:

1.Black Hills

Black Hills are a security\pentesting company, who; are number one for only one reason, they share some of the most up to date security techniques, which; they use every day in there jobs. Their subscriber base is not huge but the content they produce is some of the most informative to be found on Youtube. I am actually really shocked at the time of writing this they only have 7411 subscribers. They show you “this is how we hack your network” and on the flip side they show you “how you can defend against these attacks”.

YouTube Channels Not Making The Cut.

Below is a list of Youtube channels that did not make the cut of My Top 10. Unfortunately, they either have stopped creating up to date content; or have just fallen outside my top 10 list. These channels are in not in any particular order and are all worth checking out.

If you think there is a youtube channel that I have missed or would like to let me know what your top 10 YouTube Channels leave me a comment below.


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