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Hi there, I am Hemp welcome to Security Tutorials, you have clicked the whoami because I guess you want to know more about Security Tutorials and me its creator.

This blog started over 5 years ago as a project to get better at Linux using a spare Raspberry Pi I had lying around.

First I created a secure LAMP server then deciding to try hosting a security WordPress blog from my house.

Soon realising that when your blog starts receiving more traffic running this over your home ADSL line can be a right pain and it was time to get some real hosting.


hempstutorials.co.uk was the name of the original blog but I thought it was time to become more professional and have something that I can stick on a CV and take more credit for so Hemp’s Tutorials has transitioned into Security Tutorials.

Where did I start

For me, my journey with computers started a very long time ago when my dad brought home a shiny new commodore Plus 4 which opened my eyes to Basic programming and my first taste of tape-based computer games.

The devices changed over the years Commodor 64, Atari ST until eventually my dad come up trumps again and purchased the familys first Intel 166 Mhz based PC and is when i decided i wanted to know everything i could about them.

Hack the Planet!

security tutorials hacktheplanet

The first thing i ever hacked was a chat room called imusic chat I was in there chatting up girls.

“what every self-respecting 17 year old was doing in the late 90s, times when cyber meant something completely different from what it does now.”

When suddenly i noticed i was saying stuff in the chat which I was not typing. What i know now is that there was no user validation and with a few changes in the URL you could impersonate any user you wanted to be, you could even access private chat rooms as long as you knew the secret name. This absolutely blows 17 year old mind and it was not long before I found myself in some of the darkest IRC chat rooms on the internet.

Lets fast forward 20 years and my priorities have changed a lot, I am now more of a blue teamer, white hat, Defensive whatever you like to call it but still from time to time find my black hat and love looking up new techniques but also want to know what can be done to defend against them.


Actually this might be a good place to stick in a quick disclaimer and say this blog/ tutorial site is my views and my views only and are in no way the views of my employer past or present.

If anyone is reading this and wants to give me some feedback or would like me to write a tutorial on a subject your interested in you can contact me through the contact page or click these social media icons below

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